School Policies

Order & Discipline

It is of utmost importance that order is kept at school and rules are to be obeyed.  Children must take care of school property like furniture, books, IT apparatus etc.   Anyone who is caught damaging school property will be asked to pay for the damage done.

When someone disobeys or breaks the rules he has to be punished in some way to make the individual aware of his mistake and hopefully will behave better.  Disciplinary action depends on the gravity of the case.  It can be just a serious advice, or he won’t play during break, or parents may be called to school to talk of the matter.

It’s important that we keep the following points in mind:

Children must come to school in Uniform, clean and tidy

Hair must be kept clean and no flimsy hairstyles please.  Braided and neatly tied is best.

Girls are allowed only one pair of small earrings.  (Hoops or long ears are dangerous for school children).

Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

Hair bands must be navy blue or our school scrunches.

Shoes must be black and no runners are allowed except when they have P.E. Lessons.

Mobile Phones are not allowed.



Important Policies to Remember


Whenever anybody calls at school to talk to any pupil, teacher, facilitator, caretaker they should ask for permission from the Head of School.  If the person is new to the school or not known by the Head, the individual must produce an official identification document.  This also holds good if a parent cannot pick her child from school and somebody else is picking the child.  Official identification is a must here. This applies to every unknown visitor including representatives from well-known entities.

When you need to come to school please remember that this is a public educational place.  The image you import is affected by your attire.  So dress in a smart but honest way so that you will set an example to everyone who sees you.

We encourage healthy eating habits.  Give your child a healthy snack/salad for lunch.  Cakes, chocolates, sweets, junk food and nectar juices are not allowed.  Leave these for a treat after school.

Avoid big pencil cases, heavy hard backed files, extra books/things not needed at school, so that the school bag won’t be that heavy.

Smoking is not allowed in our school.

Twice a year (at Christmas time and for prize day) we hold school concerts.  These take up a lot of time and hard work and effort from our staff and the children alike.  All parents feel proud watching their children on stage.  Therefore respect the children’s effort by behaving well and refraining from chit chat during performances even when your children are not on stage.