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Year 3 students during Slides and Ladders Multiplication Game lesson – Open Day (6/4/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Years 3 & 4 Social Studies fieldwork in Qala (3/3/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Year 3 students doing carnival masks during crafts lesson (16/2/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Visit to School by College Principal

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming the new College Principal, Dr Denise Mifsud, to our school. We hope she enjoyed getting to know our staff and students as much as we did.


Christmas Novena (Day 8) organised by Year 3 – 20/12/2016

by Mr J Cutajar

Christmas Novena (Day 4) organised by Year 3 – (14/12/2016)

by Mr J Cutajar

Year 3 visit to Lunzjata on fieldwork (5/12/2016)

by Mr J Cutajar

Talk about Maltese traditional games for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 students (21/11/2016)

by Mr J Cutajar

Brain Storm Competition

At our school we have started a weekly competition for our pupils. There are three competition groups, one for Years 1 & 2, one for Years 3 & 4 and one for Years 5 & 6. On Friday, children are asked to take one of our thinking/reasoning papers home and to bring it back the week after with the filled answer and their name on it. Each week, a winner will be drawn by lot from the correct answers for each group and a small prize will be given. This way we hope to encourage our pupils to work on their reasoning skills. Parents are most welcome to help explain, especially to the younger children, but please let the children reason out the task themselves so that they develop their thinking strategies.

Parent Meetings

Dear Parents of Years 1 to 6

Below is the list of meetings we plan to hold for you:

Thursday  29th September – 8:45am – Year 1 parents

Thursday  29th September – 1:15pm – Year 2 parents

Friday 30th September – 8:45am – Year 3 parents

Friday 30th September – 1:15pm – Year 4 parents

Tuesday 4th October – 8:45am – Year 5 parents

Tuesday 4th October – 1:15pm – Year 6 parents

Your attendance is greatly appreciated.