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Planting of the Lemon Tree (13/6/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Year 1 children decorating the Easter Egg (12/4/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Year 1 students during Maths and Literacy through games lesson – Open Day (6/4/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Kindergartens 1 & 2, Years 1 & 2 classes during activities for World Book Day

These photos depict an activity in our Kinder, Yr 1 & Yr 2 classes. After reading a story in class, each class decorated a door according to a Story Theme for World Book Day. These photos are showing the children at work and the finished door.

Kinder 1 – Walking through the jungle

Kinder 2.1 – The gingerbread man

Kinder 2.2 – The three little pigs

Year 1 – The very hungry caterpillar

Year 2 – The elves and the shoemaker


by Mr J Cutajar

Mathracy for Year 1 students (21/3/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Year 1 pupils during PE Fundamentals at Sports Complex (24/1/2017)

by Mr J Cutajar

Visit to School by College Principal

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming the new College Principal, Dr Denise Mifsud, to our school. We hope she enjoyed getting to know our staff and students as much as we did.


Maths brainstorm by Mr Refalo with Year 1 & 2 students (4/11/2016)

by Mr J Cutajar

Brain Storm Competition

At our school we have started a weekly competition for our pupils. There are three competition groups, one for Years 1 & 2, one for Years 3 & 4 and one for Years 5 & 6. On Friday, children are asked to take one of our thinking/reasoning papers home and to bring it back the week after with the filled answer and their name on it. Each week, a winner will be drawn by lot from the correct answers for each group and a small prize will be given. This way we hope to encourage our pupils to work on their reasoning skills. Parents are most welcome to help explain, especially to the younger children, but please let the children reason out the task themselves so that they develop their thinking strategies.

Years 1 & 2 visit Wasteserv and Civil Protection (25/10/2016)

by Mr J Cutajar